Post 4 – More Clarity and Inspiration in 2010

In 2010 I have been working on releasing more of my peaceful, inner SPIRIT, Tranquility Sands, into my world and creating ways to keep my dream of fulltime retirement on Cape Cod alive. This has turned into an exciting project that  I call “ INSPIRATION POINT”.  So far it contains the magic of  Tranquility Sands the Mysterious Lady on the Beach, the circle of RESPECTFUL conversations, the Room of POSSIBILITIES,   your Personal Eastham Adventure and Creative Experience  Itinerary and the draft of my first book. They are all helping me to enjoy working on my current goals of : Inner Peace, Helping Others and Financial Security.                                                                           
Getting them to all work together has been quite a challenge. I am COMMITTED to the outcome that all three will be surrounding me as I sit in my magic beach chair in 2011 enjoying the beautiful blue ocean, blue sky and my blue cottage by the sea.

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 I’ve chosen to live boldly and adventurously but at a slow, turtle pace. I take nice, small, slow steps. I do alot of stopping along the way to talk with and learn from people, and read inspirational books and articles. Then I go into my shell to relax and process all the new, exciting actions I have taken and move forward. 

This year exploring at  MY PACE has taught me the importance of :
1). being PATIENT. Every step counts, no matter how long it takes. 

2).being fully SELF EXPRESSED. Do not wait for everything to be perfect, (by someone else’s definition of perfection) before I  move on to the next adventure.  

3).RESPONSIBILITY. When to take it and when to give it up. 

4).taking the time to  ACKNOWLEDGE myself and my inspiring mentors along the way for a job well done.   

5).understanding the CONSEQUENCES of my new actions

6).starting each day with an inspiring quote. Mine is  BELIEVE in the POWER of YOURSELF.  

7).being  GENEROUS and sharing my  goodness.                                                                                                                                                  

And now I have the  appropriate tools for my new mission in life.  I replaced my corporate  brief case with a magic beach bag.  It is filled with  the powerful words  listed above in blue letters. I am using them to reinvent myself and my life.

So, slowly but surely more of my ME is coming out into the world and staying longer. I feel good and I like the WAY that I am heading…… 

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