Hello again and Happy New Year! I hope that you have been enjoying yours.  I just spent  January and February in stillness, solitude and silence at peaceful Cape Cod  working on  project Inspiration Point, enjoying inner peace and  living a life that I love.  Am I still glad  I took early retirement back in 2007 and started on this new life journey ? ABSOLUTELY!…… So why don’t I feel 100% fulfilled? Where are today’s feelings of disappointment coming from?   I am so thankful, so fortunate to be enjoying  life at a slower pace, with greater flexibility and time to savor more of the little things.  But what about my other goals of Helping Others and Financial Security?  While I wasn’t  expecting my new business to be an overnight success , I was expecting more inquiries….  Where are all the people to help? I launched this website and made other attempts to find them, but  finally I  realized that because  the results were less than I expected, I became frustrated, stopped looking and started waiting for them to find me….Definitely not the way to grow a new business. So  I spent the last two weeks reviewing my journals  and outlining the steps I took to grow my goal of feeling more inner peace.  I took out my tools ( those powerful words listed in Post 4 ) from my beach bag and  put together a project plan, MY WAY,  in a playful style that motivates me.  Since I am a very visual person I  decided to represent my plan as a collage of  dancing starfish surrounded by  loosely structured actions  (starfish and sand dollars) for me to further explore and  find my people to work and play with.

Right now I see myself  entering into the month of March as a Drum Major leading a special marching band of starfish.  A part of me is scared and would prefer to be  in the crowd watching the parade.  However, this time I know that it is my turn to playfully march, lead and share with people  ways to  free themselves and  live a way of life they love. 

I feel good now. I just completed another turtle step by publishing this post and venturing out into the world again.  My plan is to continue to post and share my actions  as I free project Inspiration Point and grow it into the success I dreamed it would be. 

If any of my offerings appeal to you, please call or write me.  I look forward to helping you create your space for freeing what is inside of you…..


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  • A musing dryad
    faxless payday

    I’m delighted to see that you’re back posting on your blog. I absolutely love your image of being a drum major leading a marching band of starfish! How marvelous!
    Welcome back!

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