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Tranquility Sands http://tranquilitysands.com The beach spirit of Cape Cod, sharing Properties, Possibilities & Respect for the Individual Mon, 28 Feb 2011 23:32:48 +0000 en hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.0.1 Post 7 – MARCHING “my way” INTO THE MONTH OF MARCH http://tranquilitysands.com/2011/02/post-7-marching-my-way-into-the-month-of-march/ http://tranquilitysands.com/2011/02/post-7-marching-my-way-into-the-month-of-march/#comments Sun, 27 Feb 2011 22:33:19 +0000 Linda Roberts http://tranquilitysands.com/?p=277 Hello again and Happy New Year! I hope that you have been enjoying yours.  I just spent  January and February in stillness, solitude and silence at peaceful Cape Cod  working on  project Inspiration Point, enjoying inner peace and  living a life that I love.  Am I still glad  I took early retirement back in 2007 and started on . . . → Read More: Post 7 – MARCHING “my way” INTO THE MONTH OF MARCH]]> Hello again and Happy New Year! I hope that you have been enjoying yours.  I just spent  January and February in stillness, solitude and silence at peaceful Cape Cod  working on  project Inspiration Point, enjoying inner peace and  living a life that I love.  Am I still glad  I took early retirement back in 2007 and started on this new life journey ? ABSOLUTELY!…… So why don’t I feel 100% fulfilled? Where are today’s feelings of disappointment coming from?   I am so thankful, so fortunate to be enjoying  life at a slower pace, with greater flexibility and time to savor more of the little things.  But what about my other goals of Helping Others and Financial Security?  While I wasn’t  expecting my new business to be an overnight success , I was expecting more inquiries….  Where are all the people to help? I launched this website and made other attempts to find them, but  finally I  realized that because  the results were less than I expected, I became frustrated, stopped looking and started waiting for them to find me….Definitely not the way to grow a new business. So  I spent the last two weeks reviewing my journals  and outlining the steps I took to grow my goal of feeling more inner peace.  I took out my tools ( those powerful words listed in Post 4 ) from my beach bag and  put together a project plan, MY WAY,  in a playful style that motivates me.  Since I am a very visual person I  decided to represent my plan as a collage of  dancing starfish surrounded by  loosely structured actions  (starfish and sand dollars) for me to further explore and  find my people to work and play with.

Right now I see myself  entering into the month of March as a Drum Major leading a special marching band of starfish.  A part of me is scared and would prefer to be  in the crowd watching the parade.  However, this time I know that it is my turn to playfully march, lead and share with people  ways to  free themselves and  live a way of life they love. 

I feel good now. I just completed another turtle step by publishing this post and venturing out into the world again.  My plan is to continue to post and share my actions  as I free project Inspiration Point and grow it into the success I dreamed it would be. 

If any of my offerings appeal to you, please call or write me.  I look forward to helping you create your space for freeing what is inside of you…..


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Post 6 – HAPPY HOLIDAYS! – Sharing the Magic of Cape Cod http://tranquilitysands.com/2010/12/taking-that-next-step-in-your-life/ http://tranquilitysands.com/2010/12/taking-that-next-step-in-your-life/#comments Tue, 07 Dec 2010 12:00:59 +0000 Linda Roberts http://tranquilitysands.com/?p=225  During the holiday season there is much talk and singing about the magic that fills the air and the peaceful spirit of  jolly old St. Nick!  So, it is no coincidence that I choose this time of year to launch my website on  Cape Cod. For this is the place  where I have always . . . → Read More: Post 6 – HAPPY HOLIDAYS! – Sharing the Magic of Cape Cod]]>  During the holiday season there is much talk and singing about the magic that fills the air and the peaceful spirit of  jolly old St. Nick!  So, it is no coincidence that I choose this time of year to launch my website on  Cape Cod. For this is the place  where I have always felt magic and  found inner peace. As I drive over the Bourne Bridge  and get a glimpse of  the rotary containing the words Cape Cod neatly trimmed out of green hedges , I am filled  with joy and my worries are left behind. I continue to sing the lyrics  of one of my favorite songs” Take me to the place I love, take me all the way”  as I drive all the way to the solitude of the  outer cape. The beautiful place bordered by the sea, dotted with kettle ponds, oak and pine trees, bird sanctuaries and marshes. Where all paths ultimately lead to the beach and the beautiful blue ocean and the spirit Tranquility Sands.

SHARING this outer Cape and all that it has done for me is  what I plan to do in 2011.  It is my next step in  project  INSPIRATION POINT.  As I wrote in my SERVICES section , 2011 is the 50th Anniversary of the Cape Cod National Seashore and  I am planning to hold ” MY KIND” of celebration that will last throughout the entire year. It will consist of 50 quiet one on one  warm conversations while exploring the natural beauty of the quaint little town of Eastham. I am inviting you to be one of the  50 women  to take part in this party. Our personal chat time can be in minutes or hours. That is up to you. My objective is for you to see the natural beauty of the outer cape and feel the magic that will cause you to complete the next step in your life.  So, what idea, big or small ,  fills your thoughts ?  What are you passionate about?   Maybe you want to use the cape to explore the natural beauty of yourself or perhaps  define  what being peaceful means to YOU!  These are all areas that I have been working on over the past 4 years and would love to talk to you about. Till then,  enjoy the holiday season!

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Post 5 – Creating My Fall Plan for 2011 http://tranquilitysands.com/2010/11/my-fall-plan-for-2011/ http://tranquilitysands.com/2010/11/my-fall-plan-for-2011/#comments Tue, 30 Nov 2010 16:38:52 +0000 Linda Roberts http://tranquilitysands.com/?p=214 . . . → Read More: Post 5 – Creating My Fall Plan for 2011]]> If I was still working in corporate America I would be focused on planning for next year, the infamous ” Fall Plan”. Around now we would be putting the finishing touches on the  formal plans that were created from the many suggested actions to achieve our 2011 business objectives. This is really what I have been ”playing” (since I do not work anymore)  with since the summer ended. Putting it all together so I can take the spirit of Tranquility Sands and project INSPIRATION POINT into 2011 and play a part in many great accomplishments. Several great people took part in my planning sessions. Right now I need to acknowledge two of them. The first is the main man in my life, Keith, my husband of 36 years. Without your love and support I would not be where I am today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always LISTENING and  encouraging me to continue on when I wanted to give up. The second person is a woman I met at Barbara Sher’s Write / Speak retreat , Elissa Ashwood.  She has become one of my new Best Buddies. I call my time with her Evolving with Elissa . You can learn more about her on  her website : www.ashwoodorganizationdesign.com. Many other wonderful people have been with me along the way. Don’t worry , you’ll get your most deserved accolades  as I share and grow project INSPIRATION POINT . For now , Thank You Very Much for all your Inspiration.. ]]> http://tranquilitysands.com/2010/11/my-fall-plan-for-2011/feed/ 0 Post 4 – More Clarity and Inspiration in 2010 http://tranquilitysands.com/2010/10/sharing-my-goodness/ http://tranquilitysands.com/2010/10/sharing-my-goodness/#comments Sat, 30 Oct 2010 13:57:52 +0000 Linda Roberts http://tranquilitysands.com/?p=128 . . . → Read More: Post 4 – More Clarity and Inspiration in 2010]]> In 2010 I have been working on releasing more of my peaceful, inner SPIRIT, Tranquility Sands, into my world and creating ways to keep my dream of fulltime retirement on Cape Cod alive. This has turned into an exciting project that  I call “ INSPIRATION POINT”.  So far it contains the magic of  Tranquility Sands the Mysterious Lady on the Beach, the circle of RESPECTFUL conversations, the Room of POSSIBILITIES,   your Personal Eastham Adventure and Creative Experience  Itinerary and the draft of my first book. They are all helping me to enjoy working on my current goals of : Inner Peace, Helping Others and Financial Security.                                                                           
Getting them to all work together has been quite a challenge. I am COMMITTED to the outcome that all three will be surrounding me as I sit in my magic beach chair in 2011 enjoying the beautiful blue ocean, blue sky and my blue cottage by the sea.

 I’ve chosen to live boldly and adventurously but at a slow, turtle pace. I take nice, small, slow steps. I do alot of stopping along the way to talk with and learn from people, and read inspirational books and articles. Then I go into my shell to relax and process all the new, exciting actions I have taken and move forward. 

This year exploring at  MY PACE has taught me the importance of :
1). being PATIENT. Every step counts, no matter how long it takes. 

2).being fully SELF EXPRESSED. Do not wait for everything to be perfect, (by someone else’s definition of perfection) before I  move on to the next adventure.  

3).RESPONSIBILITY. When to take it and when to give it up. 

4).taking the time to  ACKNOWLEDGE myself and my inspiring mentors along the way for a job well done.   

5).understanding the CONSEQUENCES of my new actions

6).starting each day with an inspiring quote. Mine is  BELIEVE in the POWER of YOURSELF.  

7).being  GENEROUS and sharing my  goodness.                                                                                                                                                  

And now I have the  appropriate tools for my new mission in life.  I replaced my corporate  brief case with a magic beach bag.  It is filled with  the powerful words  listed above in blue letters. I am using them to reinvent myself and my life.

So, slowly but surely more of my ME is coming out into the world and staying longer. I feel good and I like the WAY that I am heading…… 

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Post 3 – Continuing on my journey to inner peace http://tranquilitysands.com/2009/11/continuing-on-my-journey-to-inner-peace/ http://tranquilitysands.com/2009/11/continuing-on-my-journey-to-inner-peace/#comments Thu, 19 Nov 2009 16:48:34 +0000 Linda Roberts http://tranquilitysands.com/?p=146 . . . → Read More: Post 3 – Continuing on my journey to inner peace]]> It’s noon on November 17th, 2009  and I’m actually sitting outside on our deck soaking up the rays on a beautiful Cape Cod fall afternoon. I am surrounded by bright, warm sunshine from a cloudless blue sky. There is no wind today, just silence and peaceful solitude. Life doesn’t get any better than this! I am so grateful to myself, my husband and my immediate family. We all worked very hard to create this paradise. A place to retreat, to relax and renew ourselves. Was it really 40 years ago that I was a young, free spirited high school kid with BIG dreams about what lay ahead for me and my cute boyfriend, who is still my husband!.
While I am proud of my accomplishments, what if I had a magic wand and could go back in time. What would I do differently? The first thought that comes to  mind is  I would have respected the kind, wonderful, caring individual that I am and stopped wasting so much time trying to be someone else. I would have stopped being so afraid of hurting other people’s feelings and let more of the real Linda (my inner spirit Tranquility Sands) come out and play and participate in life instead of watching from the back row. I would have softly but responsibly spoken up. Not to hurt others or be selfish but to share my talents and great ideas. So, present day Linda and gracious readers, as I sit here I say, Be Yourself! Don’t let the control of a parent, spouse, child, illness, job or money keep you down. Go out and make things happen. Continue to speak up! Continue to move from the background to the middle of the circle and share your seacrets. Be inspiring and help stop others from hiding out and doubting themselves. Be Bold and Adventurous. You owe it to yourself and others to be  and share the great leader that you are.
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Post 2 – Finally saying, I’ve had ENOUGH! http://tranquilitysands.com/2009/11/finally-saying-ive-had-enough/ http://tranquilitysands.com/2009/11/finally-saying-ive-had-enough/#comments Thu, 12 Nov 2009 17:17:14 +0000 Linda Roberts http://tranquilitysands.com/?p=152 . . . → Read More: Post 2 – Finally saying, I’ve had ENOUGH!]]>

We have all heard the expression “words of wisdom”. Well, for me the one word that has taught me the most in life is Respect. As a child I was taught to respect my mother and father, my elders and the property of others. In high school and college I learned about self respect from Aretha Franklin’s hit song RESPECT,  from the Affirmative Action Program and the Women’s Liberation Movement. As an adult, I was proud to work for a company that had Respect for the Individual as one of its core values.
Unfortunaley, around the year 2000, I felt like this word was slowly going out of existence. Nobody cared about respect anyone. It was out of style. Then in 2007, it totally disappeared from my life. I lost respect for everybody and everything, including myself. It was one of the lowerst points in my life. My world was falling apart. My spirit was slowly dying. Each week it was screaming for help by sending me strange physical and emotional symptons. Finally, my spirit said ENOUGH!! I am through working on meaningless assignments that I no longer believed in. So I took early retirment and set out to find ME. And what a journey it has been……

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My first message from ex-controlled, ex-corporate beach spirit http://tranquilitysands.com/2009/11/first-message-from-ex-controlled-ex-corporate-beach-spirit/ http://tranquilitysands.com/2009/11/first-message-from-ex-controlled-ex-corporate-beach-spirit/#comments Tue, 10 Nov 2009 15:39:12 +0000 Linda Roberts http://tranquilitysands.com/?p=155 . . . → Read More: My first message from ex-controlled, ex-corporate beach spirit]]> I feel alive right now! My participation in Barbara Sher’s WriteSpeak Retreat reinforced my thought that  I too have something to share that is beneficial to a certain group of people in this world.

Throughout my life when I really wanted something I dug my heels in, told people who doubted me to get out of my way, worked hard and made my dream come true. It is with this attitude that I now openly and honestly share my very personal words in this website . 

And, as I look out into the summers ahead, I can see myself walking down the beaches at Cape Cod watching people read about  my simple way of being.

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